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Over a hundred years ago a group of stalwart Christians of the Methodist Persuasion met to start a church. They were united with a shared need for a Methodist congregation in the Brooklyn area beyond Prospect Park, between Coney Island and Flatbush Avenue. 

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In anti-racism work it can be tempting to focus only on fighting racial injustice. After all, in a world dominated by sound bites and social media snippets, we can fall into the trap of reducing anti-racism work into a silo. However, injustice is intersectional, and liberation is interconnected. We will explore historical ways in which we have partitioned off justice work without an awareness of intersectionality and explore the joy and hope around community and coalition building.

Laurence Fishburne stars as Warden Daniel Calvin in the film “Imprisoned,” about a clash between the warden and an ex-con who is tied to a tragedy in Calvin’s past. Photo courtesy of Equitas Entertainment Partners.

The Rev. Kenny Dickson wants to promote films with biblical themes to moderate and progressive Christians, even if those films are too violent or sexual for evangelicals.